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Paris Climate Agreement tabled at the agenda of next SHELL AGM : our voting recommendation

SHELL Shareholders are asked to approve a shareholder proposal submitted by Follow This  requesting that the Company set and publish targets that are aligned with the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global warming to below 2 degrees.

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Back to equal shareholders rights at SIKA (Switzerland)

Proxinvest Swiss partner within Expert Corporate Governance Service Ltd. (ECGS), Ethos,  is very satisfied that an overall agreement has been signed between the board of directors of Sika, the Burkard family and Saint-Gobain to the benefit of all parties concerned

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Multiple voting rights – illusion of reward of long-term shareholders

European overview Italy and France has recently changed their legal framework to introduce or to automatically offer double voting rights to shareholders. In France, the 3rd paragraph of the article 225-123 of the French Commercial Code automatically offers double voting rights from

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Investors outreach EU Parliament on Shareholder Rights Directive

The revision of the shareholder rights directive is now entering the final phase of legislative progress. A report has been voted on May 7 by the Legal Affairs Committee at the European Parliament. Several political groups (EPP, ALDE, ECR) have expressed strong reservations about the vote and

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A message to Larry Fink, Blackrock

Following up and answering to the recent  position taken by Larry Fink, the Blackrock CEO, ECGS just wrote: Dear Larry : ECGS is, as you possibly know, the only multi-contributors European proxy research firm and as such we contribute actively to the

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Why shareholders must support Phitrust proposal to return to “one share = one vote” at VIVENDI ?

At the next AGM of VIVENDI, the French fund Phitrust Active Investors has proposed a resolution “A” to restore the « one share – one vote principle » which has been co-filed by ten other responsible investors : RailPen, Aviva

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SIKA shareholders : join Ethos’ support group

As Managing Partner of the proxy firm Expert Corporate Governance Service Ltd (« ECGS »), Proxinvest is proud to invite investors to join a support group created by our swiss partner ETHOS to defend the minority shareholder rights in the SIKA case (CH0000587979).

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ECGS supports the new Phitrust Active Investors 2015 engagement campaign

The engagement open fund Phitrust Active Investors presented the themes of its new engagement campaign for 2014-2015 in July. Two subjects will be brought for shareholders’ engagement, the first one dealing with the new implementation of double voting rights in France

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