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Credit Suisse : Ethos demands changes to the composition of the Board

In the run-up to the general meeting of Credit Suisse on 28 April 2017, Ethos opposes the re-election of several board members as well as the discharge of the board. In addition, in light of the poor results and the

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Our engagement post-Volkswagen Dieselgate: DSW to enforce special audit at Volkswagen by court decision

Despite heated debates at the general meeting of Volkswagen the outcome of the voting results did not come as a surprise. The company’s major shareholders, Porsche/Piech, Lower Saxony and Qatar, which hold around 90% of the company’s voting rights voted down

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Volkswagen AG needs urgently a truly independent chairman and for the company to sue former MDs.

The tremendous shock created by the scandal of rigged Volkswagen vehicles meets the poor governance of the group, a governance based on a kind of double voting rights, unequal regime tolerated by its shareholders.

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A message to Larry Fink, Blackrock

Following up and answering to the recent  position taken by Larry Fink, the Blackrock CEO, ECGS just wrote: Dear Larry : ECGS is, as you possibly know, the only multi-contributors European proxy research firm and as such we contribute actively to the

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