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Innate Pharma’s shareholders reject the double voting right provision

On its 2018 AGM, Innate Pharma, a French company specialized in the research and development of immunological-based drugs for cancers and infectious diseases treatment, proposed to its shareholders to create a double voting right for shares held in registered form

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Pernod-Ricard : riding high on the coattails of strong financial results

On November 9, shareholders gathered within the walls of the vast Salle Pleyel in Paris’ chic 8th arrondissment. The storied Art Deco concert hall, home of the Orchestre de Paris, played host to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of famed

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Vivendi shareholders tackle Vincent Bolloré at the AGM

The extraordinary grip over all of his asset  by Vincent Bolloré was confirmed during the general meeting of Vivendi on 25 April by the adoption of all the resolutions, notably thanks to the double voting right and following very questionable threats against

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Multiple voting rights – illusion of reward of long-term shareholders

European overview Italy and France has recently changed their legal framework to introduce or to automatically offer double voting rights to shareholders. In France, the 3rd paragraph of the article 225-123 of the French Commercial Code automatically offers double voting rights from

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At Renault Proxinvest challenges the validity of the State voting for its recently acquired covered shares

In view of the Renault general meeting, for which the Research report is available as usual on the  , following the unexpected rise of the State stake in order to impose the double voting rights,  Proxinvest wrote to RENAULT  and to the AMF on 

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A message to Larry Fink, Blackrock

Following up and answering to the recent  position taken by Larry Fink, the Blackrock CEO, ECGS just wrote: Dear Larry : ECGS is, as you possibly know, the only multi-contributors European proxy research firm and as such we contribute actively to the

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Why shareholders must support Phitrust proposal to return to “one share = one vote” at VIVENDI ?

At the next AGM of VIVENDI, the French fund Phitrust Active Investors has proposed a resolution “A” to restore the « one share – one vote principle » which has been co-filed by ten other responsible investors : RailPen, Aviva

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Another engagement milestone at Vivendi to maintain “One Share, One Vote”

Phitrust, advised and supported by Proxinvest, writes another milestone on institutional investors engagement in a prestigious group of ten truly engaged institutions  RailPen, Aviva Investors (UK), PGGM   (NL), CalPERS (US),  AMUNDI, CPR AM, DNCA Finance, Edmond de Rothschild AM, OFI, Phitrust (France).

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The fight between Technicolor and its shareholder Vector Capital activates the debate on the double voting rights introduced by the Florange Law

In a brief press release, Technicolor just announced suing Vector Capital “to obtain a court cancellation of the July 2012 shareholders agreement signed with Vector Capital Group”, this because of the bad blood between the Board majority and the two

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Italy (ECGS alert by Frontis Governance): Approval by the Italian Parliament of the law on multiple voting shares. What changes for Italian companies?

Since the 20th of August, date of publication on the Official Gazette, the Italian law allows listed and private companies to issue multiple voting shares. Here are the main changes, as partially amended by the Parliament.

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ECGS supports the new Phitrust Active Investors 2015 engagement campaign

The engagement open fund Phitrust Active Investors presented the themes of its new engagement campaign for 2014-2015 in July. Two subjects will be brought for shareholders’ engagement, the first one dealing with the new implementation of double voting rights in France

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Loyalty Shares , a serious innovation encouraging shareholders stability and discouraging shares lending

Proxinvest discovered recently at a conference of the French SIF (FIR) ,and thanks to the CEO of the French cilvil servants pension fund ERAFP Philippe Desfossés, a quite challenging and refreshing innovation, an unexpected remedy to the recent decision of the French Parliament

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