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ECB legitimate worry about governance : an open letter to Danièle Nouy

While the future of Deutsche Bank worries the ECB following the departure of the CEO John Cryan replaced by Christian Sewing, Société Générale must seek a new Deputy CEO to replace Didier Valet. Société Générale, after its participation in the

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IPO : DSW calls for independent supervisory board for DWS KGaA

The plans for the IPO of the asset management subsidiary of Deutsche Bank (DWS) are becoming more and more dense. The IPO is about to be launched but the legal governance structure of KGaA (Komandit) in Germany or SCA (Commandite

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DSW present a resolution for more independent audit at Deutsche Bank

DSW, Germany’s leading investors association and our ECGS German partner, requested to supplement a special audit to the agenda of the annual general meeting of Deutsche Bank on 21 of May 2015 ( DSW completed its ECGS research report soon available on

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