Voting Policy – update process

Proxinvest, a shareholder since 1995 of hundreds of listed companies, was the French pioneer in the development of investor voting policies. Proxinvest voting policy, established in the sole long term interest of all shareholders, is a reference in Europe.

Proxinvest voting guidelines reflects its own opinion, very demanding, which aims at strengthening corporate governance practices over the long term and at protecting shareholder rights and shareholder investment value. Beyond Proxinvest in-house voting policy, one of our main activity is to provide investors with support to define and update their own voting policy which can be very different from Proxinvest view on each type of voting items. 

Each year, in the fall, after an in-depth analysis of thousands of resolutions, after reading hundreds of annual reports and notices of meetings, after the collection and review of voting results, after discussions with its ECGS partners to identify best practices across Europe, Proxinvest identifies new hot topics and discuss them with investors. Any expected change in the voting policy is then presented to the Steering Committee for advice.

Once finalized, Proxinvest new voting policy is included within Proxinvest annual report on french general meetings and presented to clients. In early January, the new voting policy is presented to issuers and is made available online. 

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