Proxinvest Steering Committee

Proxinvest announced in June 2011 the first session of its Steering Committee. The mission of the Steering Committee is to provide every year a consultative advice on the Proxinvest corporate governance principles of governance and voting policy as well as on the strategic orientation of the company.

Composed of individuals with extensive experience in corporate governance acting on personal behalf, the Steering Committee of Proxinvest h is chaired by Dominique Biedermann, chairman of Ethos. The Committee considers in the fall  the draft of the Proxinvest voting policy for the next year before its final adoption and presentation to French listed companies.

The activity of the Steering Committee appears as a contribution to satisfy at best the AMF 2011 Recommendation on proxy agencies.

Current composition of the Steering Committee of Proxinvest

Dominique Biedermann, former chairman of the Ethos’ foundation board and founder of Ethos Services

Valérie Bardou, Amundi

Viviane de Beaufort, ESSEC

Jean de Demandolx, SGP Demandolx

Alain Dromer, Director Santander UK plc

Olivier Gindre, Fondateur d’EPF Partners

Pascal Girardot, Fédéractive

Olivier de Guerre, Phitrust

Baudoin de Pimodan, Nane Editions

Sara Ravella, CAC Woman

Prof. Dominique Schmidt, Cabinet Schmidt

Bruno de la Villarmois, Air Liquide

Caroline Weber, Middlenext


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