Professionalism and Expertise

Proxinvest has 19 years of experience in voting advices and active shareownership and can count on a team of well-qualified and experienced analysts. Dialogue with investors, issuers, European experts and other stakeholders is conducted throughout the year and provides an in-depth knowledge of French and European companies. 

Advices on proxy voting and corporate governance issues require a complete understanding of various matters, among them finance, Law, local corporate governance codes, organisational issues or executive remuneration policies

On the one hand Proxinvest brings its expertise to financial analysts to open their knowledge on new financial matters like dilution, related-party transactions, EGM role in M&A, alignment of executive pay with long-term performance.  On the other hand Proxinvest also supports ESG analysts to strengthen their knowledge of corporate governance practices and issues which are frequently very different from social or environmental issues.

Proxy voting and corporate governance issues are becoming so complex that the expertise of local research providers is required as far as possible. Indeed, not only proxy providers must know what the best corporate governance practices are in every country but also who are the people/directors involved. The use of a single proxy advisor has become unrealistic and illusory for investors willing to adress properly corporate governance issues and risks. That’s why Proxinvest has selected local experts within Europe and built ECGS as a unique tool to serve its clients in the most effective way. Proxinvest is proud to offer its clients access to the voting recommendations delivered by its ECGS partners and to provide international investors with voting advices at French general meetings.

The ECGS managing member Prxinvest, as memebers of the Best Practice Principles Group,   also introduced  at the beginning of 2015 a web-based mechanism for collecting feedback on the implementation of best-practice principles for shareholding voting research, designed to address the integrity of the industry.

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