Independence of the company

Pillar of its freedom, reputation and quality, independence has always been the main cornerstone of Proxinvest since its creation in 1995 by Pierre-Henri Leroy who aimed at shifting the balance of power from the sellside to a more demanding and better informed buyside.

Proxinvest does not enter into any business relationships that may conflict with its mission of serving institutional investors with completely objective advice and services.

As a result Proxinvest does not offer consulting services to public corporations to advise them on their governance structures or conduct. Proxinvest refuses to use its position as a trusted advisor to institutional investors to win consulting mandates with issuers.

Finally, the Proxinvest Steering Committee  provides every year a consultative advice on the Proxinvest corporate governance principles of governance and voting policy as well as on the strategic orientation of the company.

Thanks to this strict independence policy, Proxinvest has built a strong reputation, a respected profile of leader on corporate governance and is one of the key independent shareholder voice  within the capital markets, especially in France and Europe.



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