Methods and Guidelines

Proxinvest provides its services exclusively to investors, large or small, using only methods that uphold the interest of all shareholders. As the sole independent French proxy voting advisory company, Proxinvest provides no solicited rating  and no advisory Corporate services. Our investor clients are thus assured of an impartial examination of the issues.

Each year, after consulting with investors in the autumn, and following the comment of its Steering Committee Proxinvest updates its voting guidelines for the following year. Voting guidelines are updated at year-end and are shared with regulators and issuers.

In 2011, the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF)  in its Recommendation No. 2011-06 on proxy advisory agencies established some guidelines for voting advisory firms and restated “ the importance of ensuring that all shareholders vote at general meetings”. The French regulator has inspired the work of ESMA in 2012 who presented its findings on the role of voting advisory firms. Proxinvest is a member of the working group and signatory of the Best Practice Principles for Shareholder Voting Research Providers which were relased in March 2014. 

Without waiting for the recommendations of regulators Proxinvest had made ​​available to users for download, its Voting Principles, as well as its ethical and methodological framework.

Proxinvest services are baseonthree interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars :

The proxy-voting advisory firms of the Best Practice Principles Group , including Proxinvest, have also introduced  at the beginning of 2015 a web-based mechanism for collecting feedback on the implementation of best-practice principles for shareholding voting research, designed to address the integrity of the industry.

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