Proxinvest Voting Recommendations

The Proxinvest mission is to advise investors who wish to exercise their responsibility to end shareholders by monitoring the resolutions of general meetings and by acquiring in-depth knowledge of corporate governance issues for their investment policy or for their dialogue with the companies.

Subscribers to the general meetings research service of Proxinvest receive a comprehensive analysis of the agenda items at least two weeks before the general meeting. These research reports are available by subscription to the access to the Proxinvest (French) or ECGS (English) client platform (Customer number) or by unit purchase on our online shops (French) or (English).

Meanwhile Proxinvest intends to promote the adoption of best practices of corporate governance by companies and responsible investment by investors and in the general public. Thus, in accordance with Principle 3.3 of the Code of Conduct of the proxy research agencies (“Dialogue with Media & the Public”), Proxinvest which is a signatory has developed a policy for communicating with stakeholders, the media and the community individual shareholders, which allows anyone to read the Proxinvest voting recommendations on its website two working days prior to the General Meeting. This level of transparency is not common in the investment community and among voting advisory firms, however Proxinvest intends to assume a pioneering role in the European market in the definition and dissemination of best governance practices.

So you will find below links to the Proxinvest voting recommendations on past and future General Shareholders easily accessible. These voting recommendations are the result of the work of Proxinvest analysts and are based on the Proxinvest principles of corporate governance and its voting policy.

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